Happy Thanksgiving from Gene and Carol Logsdon



Happy belated Thanksgiving to you too. I hope you had a wonderful day with good food, family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to you,your family, and the wonderful little community you’ve created here on your blog. Jeannie & John

Happy Thanksgiving to you too and everyone else,nice Bourbon Red Turkey.And remember the real 1st Thanksgiving was on the Banks of the James River in Virginia several years before the Copy Cat Pilgrims did their thing.

Happy Thanksgiving Carol & Gene and everyone!

Gobble gobble!

And the same to you…that’s a fine picture of a handsome gobbler!

A most Happy Thanksgiving to the Logsdons and to all of the contrarians out there.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. All of us are thankful for your insights into living a good life on the good Earth.

And a Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Carol, too. We are all so very fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of your readers and fans through the decades and many more decades to come.Have a great thanksgiving from all your extended family and friends. Have a great and happy meal with you and yours.and safe travels.

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well…I am thankful for your writings and the way you share your outlook with us…and thanks especially for the occasional belly-laugh…much needed!



Happy Thanksgiving Gene & Carol!


Hapy Thanksgiving to you and your family from your IOWA readers. We hope you have a joyful day full of family, tradition and great food!!

To you and your family, as well! I’m thankful that I am still able to rake some late leaves and it’s warm enough to do so!

And a wonderful Thanksgiving to you too. May you know the richness of your family around you, as I am sure you will.

And the same back to you dear folks! The animals are all happily eating dry forage we saved for them this year. We are thankful for all the opportunities for good work that abound on this wonderful planet. Safe travels to anyone on the roads or in the sky. If you’re on a Caribbean cruise, good luck to you too…. We are very thankful and blessed to have those that stay and make a home where ever they’re at – thank you homemakers.

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