Wendell Berry on Bill Moyers



Have started reading the Unsettling of American. Mr Berry wrote this book in 1977, but it so relevant to our agricultural situation now. It is especially eerie to read his predictions of the future of agriculture, which sadly have come true and are our present. I’d recommend it to anyone but especially small farmers and homesteaders.

Thanks,Gene. I stand corrected and now offer a heartfelt thanks to you, Dave Smith, for sharing this rare treat with us.

Thanks for sharing. Enjoy listening to someone with the same views.

Such a great interview! Well worth the time investment. How on earth did you manage to embed it? I wanted to share it myself, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I tried multiple ways without luck and ended up just linking to Bill Moyers’ site.

I’d like to thank Dave Smith too. When I hear someone utter such truth it resonates so deeply and is like clear, cool water to a parched soul.

life of the hand - life of the mind October 9, 2013 at 1:49 pm

There was my life before Wendell. There is my life after Wendell.

Which is to say: Once I was blind but now I see.

R.C.Cooper I am thankful too to share Wendell’s interview with you, but we should all thank Dave Smith, who drives this website for me. He put it on. Gene

Wow. Thanks so very very much. Makes me feel so not alone in my feelings about the environment. They’re laying huge pipelines within three miles of my remote home right now.
and… I am foursquare in agreement with Mr. Moyers on this treasonous ransom demand from the far far right. I’m a blue dog Democrat, and conservative in action and deed. This is insanity. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

I’ll always remember the day many years ago when I stumbled upon a collection of essays in my university’s library written by a man I’d never heard of named Wendell Berry entitled, “What Are People For?” What a wonderful introduction to a man who quickly became one of my heroes.

No one, university students in particular, should be made to rely on chance for an introduction to Wendell Berry.

Thank you for sharing this video, Gene.

Awesome conversation. 🙂

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