Real On-Line Democratic Farming


The farm is on the National Trust’s Wimpole Estate. You’ll be part of a group of 10,000 online Farmers working with farm manager Richard Morris to decide how it should be run. You’ll vote once a month, discuss the issues with other members and explore the world of farming.

Introducing your expert farming advisors

Author Farmer Jon

As you can already tell, farming is a complex business and we want to make sure that we’re giving you as much information and as many angles as possible.

To help us, we’ve enlisted the help of five prominent figures in the farming world.

They’ll be working with us in a couple of different ways, talking to Richard about how the project should be run and who we should talk to, but also getting involved in the discussions themselves…

The animals of MyFarm

The cattle.  We have nearly 200 cattle on the farm, of five different breeds: White Park, Gloucester, Shetland and Irish Moiled are all rare breeds (defined as having fewer than 2000 breeding females), and our 46 Longhorns are a traditional breed (not rare, but not in common commercial production).

The sheep.  We have over 600 sheep on the farm at the moment; we had more until recently but have just sent off last year’s lambs to slaughter.   These are of five breeds, all of them designated rare: Portlands, Manx Loagthans, Hebrideans, Whitefaced Woodlands, Norfolk Horns 650.

The pigs.  We’ve just expanded our piggery significantly, and the number of pigs we keep is growing all the time.  We currently have 60, made up of four different rare breeds: British Lops, Tamworth, Berkshire, and Gloucester Old Spot.


OMG–farming by committee!! or further proof that you can no longer make an HONEST living by farming.

But, for only $19.99 each, I might let 10,000 people vote on how I mange my beehives;)

Reading about this gave me an idea–Real On-Line Democratic Marriage.

MyMarriage. The state-recognized married couple resides in the Mid-West. “You’ll be part of a group of 10,000 online ‘Singles’ working with a marriage counselor to decide how it should be run. You’ll vote once a month, discuss the issues with other members and explore the world of marriage.” Your vote counts…all for just $49.99!

Clicking on your mouse can never be a substitute for much of anything–and surely not for shoveling shit (plenty of which comes from farming and marriage). will get you more information and an opportunity to join (I did)

I’m having trouble finding a way to join this effort. Can anyone help me?

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