Wendell Berry



To use a turn of phrase my young co-workers have made a part of my vocabulary, Awesome! The thought of new books from Gene Logsdon is just the kind of good news I need right about now.

I don’t blame you for not wanting to travel, Gene. It amazes me really to see Wendell booked at so many cross-country speaking engagements; he must have heard a voice somewhere that urged him to do so, homebody that he is. I’m happy to sit at my computer and watch a video-interview, so by all means, stay put and share the link, if you can, I’d love to hear your voice. Wooster’s a world away but life’s not over yet, perhaps someday I’ll get to thank you in person for all the inspiration you’ve given me through your written work and contrarian life underlying it.

But I would like to thank you, Gene, for embracing this pathway of online communication and expression, and for making yourself so accessible to your readers and followers. I’m very grateful (elated, even) to have found you out here on the ethernet writing, joking, and answering comments. No travel needed! Huzza!

Thanks also to you, Dave Smith, for making this happen. Brilliant idea, priceless work; we can never repay you.

Now back to freezing garden greens…

thistledog, yes Wendell in person is delightful to listen to and talk to, and more humorous than his writing indicates at times. He is my number one hero. You should thank Dave Smith, who drives this website, for getting Wendell and others online here, bless him. As for speaking, I am turning down most offers and at the moment have none scheduled. I have a very heavy writing schedule right now. Someone is coming here to video-interview me and I expect more of that kind of “speaking” in the next few months because of the two books coming out. A travelling speech just throws me off schedule by a week and I am getting too old to travel much anyway. I will be signing books at Wooster Ohio on Nov. 6 at the Buckeye Book Fair. Gene

Hard to believe no one has commented yet.

So, I get to talk to you first.

Thanks Gene, for posting these clips. As the video links connect and expand online, I was able to spend an entire delightful evening in Wendell’s company. A long-time reader of his, I find it vastly illuminating to hear him speak; it sheds understanding on the literary pauses and turns of phrase he is famous for. To read Wendell Berry without listening to him speak is like…

I’m not capable of filling in that phrase well, but it bears some reflection. Be forwarned. His writing makes sense all on it’s own but once you see him speak, it gains such a flavor you’ll never ever lose the taste of.

I hope to meet him in person this September, in Virginia, at the Southern Draft Animal Days event. Missed it last year. When are you speaking next, Gene?

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