New Book From Gene


Gene Logsdon, author of many agrarian classics, including All Flesh is Grass and The Contrary Farmer, is coming out with a new book this fall about everyone’s favorite subject that nobody wants to talk about: poop! The book is called Holy Shit; Managing Manure to Save Mankind. It’s informative, inspiring–and Logsdon takes every opportunity to make poop jokes, so it’s funny to boot.


My maiden name is Logsdon and my father was born in Munfordsville Kentucky in 1901. I have only one remaining cousin and we have not found any other family. I do know my grandfather’s name and that is it. Is your family by chance from KY? Love your books.

I am looking forward to reading this book. I hope you included Grand Lake Saint Mary as an example of poor manure management. This summer has been a catastrophe there with constant algae blooms, and people living near the lake can’t even go outside because of the odor, people can’t swim there, or eat the fish they catch.

OMG! Bacteriotherapy? Whatever happened to yogurt with super bacteria for your colon? Coffee enemas? Where is this headed? Will there be Poo banks, like blood banks?

Thanks so much, louis c. How I wish I had known about bacteriotherapy when I was writing Holy Shit. That would have been the PERFECT ending. Gene

Looking forward to your new book, Gene. I just read an interesting article on fecal transplantation. That’s right, they put “the living shit” from one person into another person’s colon. The more polite name for this is bacteriotherapy, and it can save the life of a patient with a microbial imbalance. Here is the link if you’re interested.

Wonderful life is everywhere it seems.

Oh boy, I can’t wait! And Dennis, if you think chickens make a mess, wait until you can graduate to cows… the nice thing about farming is that it keeps you in contact with reality. Birth, death, love, laughter and shit–it doesn’t get more real than that!

With upcoming book titles like “Holy Shit” and “Pope Mary and the Church of Almighty Good Food” I can remain speechless because I know Gene will fill in all the blanks! When the title makes you grin … you know the book willl make you laugh! Thanks!

Somehow the qualifier “irreverent” seems unnecessary. Unless you mean irreverent in comparison to Lords of Folly. If that is the case then I would probably tend to separate myself from you during thunderstorms. I look forward to meeting Mary.

Gene, bless you for keeping things bubbling along, the need for funny and hopeful writing about farm/rural life is so needed today. I don’t think a lot of people are aware of the sense of desperation that is building in many small farm families. Maybe you could ask Mr.Berry to write a followup to his Port williams series that could boost our hopefulness for the future?

Amos, Dennis and David Z, oh there’s lots about chicken shit in the book. As for doing another The Man Who Created Paradise, well, who knows, Amos. I am just now finishing up an irreverent novel about bishops closing churches which actually is somewhat in the same vein. Same outcome but different circumsetances. I cringe to tell you the title but oh well: Pope Mary and the Church of Almighty Good Food, out this fall. Gene

The use and misuse of manure is a timely subject, only Gene could write a book about it! I hope there’s a chapter on keeping your sense of humor when you have both hands in a full gutter trying to fix the return on the barn cleaner in December!

What I’d really like to see is another book by Gene that is similar (and longer) to the one about The Man Who Created Paradise. How’s about it Gene?

@David Z – I will second that (chickens need their own copy of the shit management book). I’m raising chickens for the first time this year and they have no qualms about leaving their droppings anywhere and everywhere. They are fun and funny but messy as all get out.

Anyway I’m looking forward to Gene’s book.


Well god bless you, young fella, for doing that. A needed contribution for sure as well as, hopefully, a powerful blow against the fecalphobia which pervades our culture (or lack of it). It’ll reside right next to my copy of Joe Jenkin’s Humanure Handbook. I’m thinking I’m should buy 2 so the chickens can have a copy of their own. Those feathered dimwits could certainly use some education in shit management.

David Z

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