Michael Pollan Debates Big Ag

La Vida Locavore

Today, Michael Pollan participated in a panel discussion at University of Wisconsin. The panel consisted of two farmers, a UW student who grew up on the farm, and Michael Pollan. The UW student had an enormous smile plastered on her face. Something told me that she wasn’t there to talk about her family’s organic farm. And you know what? If you’re looking to put Michael Pollan in a difficult position, it was clever. It reminded me of the Palin/Biden Vice Presidential Debate. The last thing Biden could do was aggressively debate Palin, as it would put the audience on her side as the victim of a bully. Or, as Saturday Night Live’s fake Joe Biden put it:

My goal tonight was a simple one: to come up here and at no point seem like a condescending, ego-maniacal bully. and I’ll be honest: I think I nailed it. There were moments when I wanted to say, “This lady’s a dummy!” But I didn’t.

Michael Pollan nailed it too. This cute, cheerleadery, young girl spouted off every single Big Ag talking point in the book. (I kept expecting her to start winking, Sarah Palin-style.) The last thing he could do was pick a fight with a student. That would turn into an ugly incident that would make national headlines. The many Farm Bureau members in the audience would make sure of it. His response to the student was nothing short of brilliant.

Full article here
Thanks to comment from Becky

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