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Up until the other day, I’d never made focaccia. When I decided to test my friend Stephen’s Quick Rosemary Focaccia recipe for an article I was working on, I realized that not only had I never made focaccia, but I’d never even eaten it. I know, I know, where have I been? I have no idea. Probably too busy eating pizza. You know I love homemade pizza. What I know is that after devouring large hunks of this rosemary focaccia for three meals in a row (yes, I ate it for breakfast, and no, I didn’t have it with my meals, it was my meals), I am ready to embark on a focaccia making rampage.

Stephen warned me that focaccia purists may scoff at his crowd-pleasing, quick and easy version which is mixed in the food processor* and shaves hours off the traditional resting times, but I couldn’t stop eating it. Warm from the oven, at room temperature the next day, or reheated in my beloved little toaster/convection oven – this stuff is good.** It also freezes beautifully. And the smell of the rosemary-infused dough that permeated every nook and cranny of The Shack while it was rising was wonderful. I’m pretty sure I followed Stephen’s recipe exactly, except I scattered a few handfuls of pecorino romano over the focaccias along with the rest of the rosemary just before baking. I also skipped the egg wash. Next time I make it I’ll try using only half the amount of yeast.

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